Metsä Group targets significant reductions of carbon dioxide emissions by year 2020

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Metsä Group is already a major producer and consumer of bioenergy. The Group’s target is to further reduce fossil fuel based carbon dioxide emissions in production by 30% per product ton by year 2020 from 2009 level. At the same time, Metsä Group also targets to improve its energy efficiency by 10%.

To demonstrate its commitment to reducing emissions and improving energy efficiency, Metsä Group has initiated several major investments in bio energy production and reducing energy consumption. The investment programme includes four bioenergy projects and energy efficiency improvement projects in all of the Group’s mills. Metsä Group’s sustainability strategy is presented in more detail in the Sustainability Report available at the Group’s website.

International acknowledgements for development programmes

Metsä Group’s tissue and cooking paper business area Metsä Tissue was granted the Energy Masters Award 2012 by Europe’s leading networking platform for energy management in the industrial sector, The Energy Masters by Econique Group. The award is for Metsä Tissue’s Sustainable Low Carbon Tissue Manufacturing Project.

Earlier this year the same project was granted a subsidy of € 400 000 by the EU under the programme of the Sustainable Industry Low Carbon Scheme. The subsidy was granted for only two projects.

Group Communications


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Ilkka Latvala, Senior Vice President, Energy; Metsä Group, tel. +358 (0)503819353
Riikka Joukio, Senior Vice President, Sustainability and Corporate Affairs; Metsä Group, tel. +358 (0)1046 54857
Marja-Leena Dahlskog, Communications Manager, Metsä Tissue, tel. +358 (0) 1046 55149

Metsä Group is a responsible forest industry group whose products are part of people’s everyday life and promote sustainable well-being. Metsä Group produces high-quality products mainly from renewable Nordic wood. The Group’s business areas are tissue and cooking papers, board and paper, pulp, wood products as well as wood supply. Metsä Group’s sales totalled EUR 5.3 billion in 2011, and it employs approximately 12,500 people. The Group is present in some 30 countries.