SAGA production starting up at Metsä Tissue's Düren mill

Metsä Tissue, part of the Metsäliitto Group and a leading tissue and cooking paper supplier Europe-wide, is finalising the full rebuild of paper machine 5 and related facilities in Düren, Germany. The machine will be dedicated to the production of baking and cooking papers marketed under the SAGA brand.
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Last November, the company acquired the paper machine, related real estate and infrastructure assets from M-Real.

“The re-engineering project has been successful and the first batches of paper have been produced. During the spring, five converting lines have been installed, too, and production is expected to reach full speed by July this year,” says Michael Päckner, VP, Regional Operations. Despite the transfer of converting to Düren, the company will also continue producing baking and cooking base paper at the current location in Mänttä, Finland.

The company’s SAGA brand represents a completely new way of preparing food. The SAGA assortment comprises versatile food-grade papers as well as cooking accessories for professional kitchens and home cooks. The SAGA concept is continuously being developed and tested in co-operation with chefs around the world.

In order to meet the strict quality requirements for food contact papers, the Düren mill has adopted all necessary quality and hygiene management systems. In line with the Group’s strong emphasis on sustainable production and supply, the operations have successfully passed the PEFC and FSC Chain of Custody audits.

“With enhanced production facilities located in close proximity to our customers, we will be able to offer our clientele improved service as well as look into new avenues of innovation for SAGA,” states Raija Mörö, SVP, Baking and Cooking.

Further information:

Hannu Kottonen, CEO
Tel. +358 (0) 1046 54959

Raija Mörö, SVP, Baking & Cooking
Tel. +358 (0) 1046 47610

Marja-Leena Dahlskog, Communications Manager
Tel. +358 (0)1046 55149


Metsä Tissue is a leading tissue paper products supplier to households and industrial consumers in Europe. We are also the world’s leading supplier of baking and cooking paper products. Our main brands are Lambi, Serla, Mola, Tento, Katrin and SAGA. We have production units based in Finland, Germany, Poland, Russia, Slovakia and Sweden and we have some 3200 employees. Our turnover is EUR 940 million. Metsä Tissue is part of the Metsäliitto Group.