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Answering to the market demand, Metsä Tissue’s SAGA brand is proud to introduce the first circle shaped Cooking Paper sheets, the SAGA Cooking Rounds. They are made of high-quality Cooking Paper and ready cut into 32 cm circles.

The Cooking Rounds are ideal for Aroma cooking, serving portions in SAGA Pouches as well as for a range of other uses such as lining steamers and cake forms, covering dishes, frying, decorating baked goods and serving meals. They are a practical helper in bakeries, restaurants, caterers and other institutional kitchens that require a well-fitting liner for cake forms, pots and pans. SAGA Cooking Rounds can be used from freezer to microwave and for all oven-cooking and baking purposes.

SAGA Cooking Rounds were first taken into use by SALOMON FoodWorld®, an international food industry company specialising in serving catering businesses and restaurants. The Cooking Rounds are used under their further developed servEasy® food concept, which includes Mediterranean style seafood packages. In autumn 2011 the product is marketed in West European food trade media showing the SAGA logo.


For more information, please contact:

Mari Lappi-Kaipio, VP Marketing, Baking & Cooking
Tel. +358 50 401 2288