New offers tools and insight for organization hygiene

Organization hygiene solutions face different challenges than the ones at home: high user volumes add need for durability and easy maintenance. Minimizing risk of cross-contamination and spreading infections is crucial. Also the cost and environment factors need to be considered carefully. All this means a lot of work for purchasers. The new offers tools for easier decisions.
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Every location is unique

“The cornerstone of our new website is that from hygiene point of view, every organization is unique and has unique needs” says Sofia Salmi, Brand Manager. Salmi emphasizes that customer experience is crucial in the Web, too. “We have aimed for ease of use and inspiring our customers by sharing relevant information.”

Tools for finding optimal organization hygiene solution

One of the key tools on the new website is Solution Finder. Generated through current customer solutions and future possibilities, ready-made hygiene solutions are modeled to suit different kinds of users and environments. The user can then find the right organization hygiene solution by answering questions about facility size and the expectations of the visitors.

Responsibility made understandable

“Corporate responsibility communication is often blamed to be vague and complex. Very few people really understand the terminology or have the time to become familiar with mass of information. “, says Salmi. “That’s why the new site offers case cards, concrete examples of what we do in regard to corporate responsibility:  collaboration with schools and hospitals, environmental production methods, eco-labels, future-proof logistics and so on.”

In addition, the new site includes customer references, demos, studies and open access to Katrin material bank. A digital host goes through the site features to the first time visitors.

More information:
Sofia Salmi, Brand Manager