Many Happy Returns, Serla!

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Serla brand - an occasion for fun and celebration in all its key markets, Finland, Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. This dynamic brand and popular product family are continually evolving to help make busy lives easier, both now and in the future.
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A responsible industry leader

Serla products were launched after Finland’s first modern tissue machine was installed at the Mänttä mill in 1961. Today Serla is known for its eco-friendliness and as a brand that makes everyday life easier. In future Serla will continue pursuing these goals with the responsible mindset of a pioneering industry leader.

Metsä Tissue strives to minimize the environmental impacts of its products throughout their lifespan, from raw material procurement, production and consumption all the way through to their final disposal. All Serla products are principally made of recycled fibre obtained from recovered paper. Primary fibre used in Serla products is sourced exclusively from sustainably managed forests. Serla products are manufactured close to market and all Serla products are fully biodegradable. The brand has been awarded the Nordic Swan eco-label in recognition of its environmental merits.

Staying in step with the times

Serla is a brand that is sharply attuned to the growing eco-consciousness of consumers. Its products help busy families by freeing up their time and making cleaning faster and easier. Serla genuinely listens to consumers and caters to their needs, as evidenced by the brand’s solid reputation and performance.

In the early 2000s, Serla recruited its famous endearing mascot, the Serla squirrel, which has been a great hit across all age groups. Wise and thrifty creatures, squirrels convey all the positive values embraced by the Serla brand. Serla is safe, economical and sensible, but with a sense of fun and humour.

Upcoming jubilee events

Finland will kick off the jubilee year with a campaign targeting day-care centres. As part of a mission to combat the ‘flu season, the Mänttä mill will send out 50,000 packets of tissue hankies and 5,000 cuddly toy squirrels as a special free gift to day-care children around the country. Campaign ads inviting applications will be run in Finnish newspapers. 

The anniversary year will be celebrated in all countries where Serla is well-established and a varied programme of events will be held to mark the occasion of Serla’s 50th anniversary. Special campaigns will be launched along with surprise events throughout the year. Stay tuned!

For more information about Serla, please visit Serla’s redesigned website.

For further information:

Markus Reivala, Brand Director, Serla
Tel.  +358 500 632 649

Marja-Leena Dahlskog, Communications Manager, Metsä Tissue
Tel. +358 50 50 200 60