Katrin publishes school book to promote healthy hygiene habits

If more people always remembered to wash their hands with soap before eating and after using the toilet, it could save more lives than any single vaccine or medical intervention.
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Metsä Tissue’s Katrin brand supports the cause of good hygiene by promoting proper hand-washing practices in schools and health care facilities. This year, Katrin is paying special attention to European schools by publishing a hygiene task book for school children. The book explains why, when and how people should wash their hands for better personal hygiene.

After discussions with educators, Katrin realized that there is a vast need for simple, compact and fun educational material explaining why good hand hygiene is important. The Hygiene School Book contains over 20 fun and useful activities which are easy to incorporate into the school day.

Katrin will continue working hard to develop
durable, eco-friendly solutions that make school and daycare environments more hygienic.

The Hygiene School Book and accompanying Teacher’s Manual can be downloaded from www.katrin.com

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Frank Ledosquet, Marketing Director, Away from Home