Finns rank Serla among top Swan label products

Metsä Tissue's Serla products showed their strength in a competition organized by the Swan eco-label to commemorate its 20th jubilee. Finnish consumers were invited to vote for their favourite Swan label products, with Serla household towels taking second place and Serla cleaning paper ranking fifth. Almost 4000 votes were received during the campaign.
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All Serla products are principally made of recycled fibre obtained from recovered paper. Primary fibre used in certain Serla products such as handkerchiefs is sourced exclusively from sustainably managed forests. Serla products are manufactured close to market and all Serla tissue products are fully biodegradable. “The environmental qualities of Serla products haven’t gone unnoticed by the public,” says Brand Director Markus Reivala. “The recognition we received in the Swan label competition shows that Serla is well-known for its eco-friendliness”.

Guiding consumers in their purchasing decisions, the Swan eco-label is well-known and respected in Finland and the other Nordic countries. Developed and managed by a third party, the label adds credibility to Metsä Tissue products by verifying that the company takes environmental issues seriously. The Swan label is granted only to products and services representing the very top environmental performance in their category. The environmental impacts of eco-labelled products are assessed carefully throughout their lifespan and the label is valid only for a limited period, after which the criteria are revised and the company must reapply. This ensures that applicants continue working to constantly improve the environmental performance of their products.

For Serla and the whole of Metsä Tissue, the Swan label not only brings credibility and positive publicity, but it also offers a standard by which to measure the eco-effectiveness of our own processes. We pay special attention to environmental impacts in all purchasing decisions made throughout the raw material chain. In addition, we continuously strive to enhance the environmental know-how of our employees. By setting a good example, we also encourage our customers and consumers to make sustainable choices.

Further information:
Markus Reivala, Brand Director, Serla
Tel.  +358 500 632 649

Marja-Leena Dahlskog, Communications Manager, Metsä Tissue
Tel. +358 50 50 200 60

Metsä Tissue is a leading tissue paper products supplier to households and large-scale consumers in Europe. We are also the world's leading supplier of baking and cooking paper products. Our main brands are Lambi, Serla, Mola,Tento, Katrin, Fasana and SAGA. We have 3200 employees and production based in
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