The inheritance was transferred to Janne and his sisters in the form of a jointly-owned forest, which is a common approach today. As the trustee of the jointly-owned forest, Janne is responsible for managing their commercial forests profitably and sustainably.

Profitable forest management calls for a long-term approach: only a well and timely managed forest generates wellbeing both now and in the future. For Janne Kurtti, this idea became very tangible recently, with the arrival of his firstborn son.

“It suddenly makes you see things very differently.” Now, every action contributing to the wellbeing of the forest seems like an investment in the future, benefiting the following generations. It is easy to think about the wellbeing of future generations when bouncing your son on your knee.

The A additional share ensures the forest makes a profit after wood trade

As a forest owner, Janne Kurtti can invest the income from wood trade in Metsä Group’s A additional shares. According to Aku Lilja, Janne’s personal forest specialist, the A additional shares have generated a fine return of seven per cent or so in the 2000s. “A very competitive figure, that is.”

In addition to a good return, Janne also values other aspects. “I think Metsä Group and forests are good investments – a whole lifestyle, really. Forests involve so much continuity, across generations.”

Smooth cooperation with the forest specialist is important

Good communication with your personal forest specialist is an important part of good forest management. Janne Kurtti and his personal forest specialist, Aku Lilja, have enjoyed smooth cooperation. This can also mean that it is Aku who gets in touch with Janne, as was the case a while back: “I was doing a field survey and happened to walk past your forests. There’s a stand there that could do with some thinning.” After that call, the two agreed on forestry work, which Janne handled himself on that particular occasion. However, sometimes his schedule is so tight that he has Metsä do the work instead.

Both Janne and Aku are satisfied with their cooperation, and even an outsider quickly notices their good personal chemistry when listening to the two talk. Their relaxed conversation has another important part to play, as well: active communication between the forest owner and forest specialist guarantees peace of mind.

“When you know you’ve agreed on certain things, you no longer worry about them,” says Janne Kurtti, summarising the significance of mutual trust.