Bonuses accrue from wood sales and forest management services

As an owner-member, you will receive a bonus in addition to your wood trade price. The more wood we have received from you over the previous four years, the greater the bonus you accrue in connection with a new trade. You will also receive a bonus for purchasing our forest management services.

You can use the bonus to pay for forest management work and materials you have ordered. Material orders in excess of EUR 50 cannot be paid fully with bonuses. At least EUR 50 must be paid in cash (Tax Administration’s interpretation of section 18 c of the Value Added Tax Act). 

You can also withdraw your bonuses or invest them in additional shares in connection with your next wood trade. Bonuses can be withdrawn in connection with the next wood trade if the volume received in a standing sale is at least 100 m3 and in delivery sales, at least 50 m3. A bioenergy measurement certificate alone does not give the right to use the balance on the bonus account. 

If you are not liable to pay VAT, the only way you can use bonuses is by withdrawing them or by investing them in additional shares in connection with your next wood trade. The bonuses will expire three calendar years after you earned them.

The right to a bonus will be determined on the basis of the wood volume received over the past four years. The bonus for forest management services is calculated as a percentage of the sum total of the invoice. The level of your customer account will influence the amount of the accumulating bonus. While no membership bonus is paid for energy wood, it does accumulate your right to bonuses.

How your bonus accumulates

Reception of wood over the past four years less than 500 m3 500-1,500 m3 1,501-2,500 m3  more than 2,500 m3  Forest management services
Customer with agreement on forest asset management EUR 0.40 per m3  EUR 0.60 per m3 EUR 1.00 per m3 EUR 1.40 per m3 4 %
Customer with member benefit agreement EUR 0.30 per m3  EUR 0.50 per m3 EUR 0.80 per m3 EUR 1.00 per m3 2 %
Member  -  EUR 0.30 per m3 EUR 0.40 per m3 EUR 0.60 per m3 1 %