Your personal forest specialist helps you with all forest-related matters

As an owner-member, you get your own forest specialist in the municipality in which your forest is located. We have over 300 forest specialists all around Finland. Your forest specialist will tell you how timely felling and forest management will allow you to make financial gains from your forest’s growth, and how to take care of its scenic and nature values. Whatever the matter, be it large or small, your forest specialist is always there to help you.

Your forest specialist and their support team will:

  • Pay a free visit to your holdings, followed by a proposal for future forest management work and felling
  • Give you instructions for successful wood trade
  • Offer high quality forest management services and skilled professionals to work in your forest
  • Provide information about alternative forest management and felling methods and schedules, to support your decision-making
  • Advise on the basics of forest taxation
  • Advise on membership issues and services during the various stages of forest ownership, such as generational handover or in the event of forest damage
  • Look after the wellbeing and diversity of forest nature
  • Provide information on forest certification