Summer jobs in wood supply and forest services

In Metsä Group's wood supply and forest services, versatile summer jobs are available in our supply districts across Finland. There are jobs for summer interns in the forest as well as in the factory environment and in the office. The summer work periods focus on spring and summer, i.e. the busiest forest regeneration season.

Most of the summer jobs in wood supply and forestry services are suitable for forestry students. As a summer intern, you can get to know the tasks of the forestry industry in practice and you can use your own skills and gain new experience.

We make sure that you get a proper introduction to your task. Our work tasks are independent and responsible, but you always have a supervisor and a nice work community. As you gain skills and experience, you also get more responsibility. You must have a driver's license and almost all tasks require the use of your own car.

Often, at the end of the summer, a few summer workers who are in the final stages of their studies are hired by us as forest specialists and operations specialists, for example. A summer job is a good opportunity to show off your skills and know-how and start a longer career in Metsä.

We strive for task rotation in summer jobs, i.e. for example, those working mainly in forest management and harvesting tasks can also get to know, for example, tasks in the wood trade.

Our summer jobs require Finnish or Swedish language skills. Summer jobs in Swedish are mostly in the supply district of Vaasa.

You can find all of Metsä Group's open summer jobs here. Also take a look at Metsä Group's summer job page, where you can find a detailed description of the progress of the application process and additional information about working at Metsä. There you can also find descriptions of other task areas, because in addition to wood supply and forest services summer jobs, Metsä has numerous other summer work tasks that are suitable for students of both forestry and other fields.

Tasks of summer trainees in wood supply and forest services

  • Forest management and harvesting

    Forest management and harvesting

  • Logistics


  • Measuring stations

    Measuring stations

  • Wood trade and forestry services

    Wood trade and forestry services