Metsä Groupin Viesti and Skogsextra magazines

Metsä Group's forestry magazine Metsä Groupin Viesti is an owner-member and stakeholder magazine published four times a year in Finland, in Finnish. The magazine contains information about services offered to members and other membership-related issues, forestry news and current issues in Metsä Group's business areas. You can read the electronic version of the magazine in Metsäverkko and on our Finnish-language website in the Uutiset ja julkaisut -section

The magazine has been published since 1949 and is a member of the Association of Periodicals. The magazine has a circulation of 110 000 copies.

Skogsextra is the Swedish version of Metsä Group's Viesti, which contains the most important news from the magazine. Skogsextra is mailed in Finland to owner-members between Landsbygdens Folk -newspaper as an attachment. Members are free to choose whether they want the Finnish- or Swedish-language members' magazine or both. The magazine has a circulation of 13 000 copies. Skogsextra has been published since the beginning of the 1990s. You can read the electronic Skogsextra on Metsäverkko and on our Swedish-language website in the Nyheter och publicationer -section.

The editor-in-chief of Metsä Group's Viesti and Skogsextra is Juha Laine, Metsä Group's Communications Director, and the editor-in-chief is Ilkka Luukkonen.