We offer you an individual forest plan, verified on site

The forest plan is the forest owner’s handbook, which helps you keep up-to-date on your forest’s condition. The plan is drawn up for the next ten-year period. Among other things, it includes stand-specific proposals for forest management work and felling to facilitate planning and implementation, and estimate the resulting income and expenses.

You should consider getting a forest plan especially if your estate does not have one, or the previous plan was drawn up around ten years ago. For those thinking about selling their estate or considering a generational handover, a forest plan provides more accurate information about the value of the property.

In the plan, the estate’s forests are divided into appropriate stands based on the development stages and growth locations of the trees, as well as on future management and harvesting needs. In this work, we use methods such as aerial photographs and tree height models based on laser scanning material.

Order a forest plan from your personal forest specialist

If you order a forest plan from Metsä Group, the measurements are always carried out in the forest. In other words, the person drawing up the plan visits every stand on the forest estate. A forest plan verified in this way is accurate and reliable, and it can take into account each forest owner’s individual goals and the forest estate’s special features. Natures sites that are known to be particularly valuable, as well as any other sites detected in connection with planning, are included in the forest plan.

The forest plan will be electronically available in our Metsäverkko service, and for an additional fee, you can also receive it as a traditional paper version in a folder. You can also use our free mobile application, which is available in the most common application stores. Your plan remains up-to-date in Metsäverkko, because we perform growth calculations annually and you can update the information of stands in the plan yourself. If we carry out forest management work or felling, we automatically add this information in Metsäverkko.

You can order a forest plan for a forest estate in Finland from your personal forest specialist or in Metsäverkko. When you order a plan, our forest specialist will ask about your goals and wishes for your forest. When the forest plan has been completed, the forest specialist will submit it to you, and you can then discuss the information it contains, including topical forest management and felling needs. We will not invoice the forest plan until it has been submitted to you.