Member benefits for Metsä owner-members

Metsä Group has over 90,000 owner-members throughout Finland. Together, they own around 50 per cent of Finland’s private forests. You can become a Metsä Group owner-member and enjoy our comprehensive member benefits if you own at least three hectares of forest land in Finland.

In 2021, our profit distribution to owner-members amounted to approximately EUR 74 million (interest on members’ capital and equity bonus fund increases), while member benefits amounted to approximately EUR 17 million (bonuses on wood trade and forest management services, as well as price adjustments for contract customers).

Together, we can accomplish more – also in terms of money

The table shows you how much owners of Metsä benefit from their membership each year on average. The figures in the table are based on the typical wood sale volumes of owner-members, membership benefit agreement customers and forest asset management agreement customers, and the average amount of euros invested in members’ capital. The figures are indicative and based on the 2021 data.

  Member Membership benefit agreement customer Forest asset management agreement customer
Surface area of forest 40 hectares 100 hectares 200 hectares
Volume of wood sales per year 144 m3 405 m3 900 m3
Benefits for owner members
Bonus on wood trade and forest management 49 eur 387 eur 1,540 eur
Adjustment of wood's price guarentee / contract customers - 331 eur 735 eur
Continuously valid forest plan - - 300 eur
Up-to-date forest asset data - - 200 eur
Free annual plan - - 500 eur
Forest asset management agreement, no annual / membership fee - - 200 eur
Total membership benefits 49 eur 718 eur 3,475 eur
Metsäliitto Cooperative's profit distribution
Member's capital (participation and additional shares) 11,000 eur 25,000 eur 43,000 eur
Interest on members' capital* 505 eur 1,212 eur 2,118 eur
Fund increase share (equity bonus system) 60 eur 408 eur 1,132 eur
Total profit distribution 565 eur 1,620 eur 3,250 eur

* Calculated according to a return of 5 per cent

The previous profit distribution is not a guarantee of future profit distribution or returns. Metsäliitto Cooperative’s Representative Council decides on the interest on members’ capital and other profit distribution annually based on a proposal from the Board of Directors.