How to notify changes in membership information

Please notify our customer service or your forest specialist of any changes related to your membership, such as your forest area or your contact information. You can contact our customer service by email (jasenpalvelut[at], by phone (+358 10 7770) or by post (Metsäliitto Cooperative, Customer Service Team, PO Box 10, 02020 METSÄ). Most changes can also be reported in the Metsäverkko service.

Changes to banking information must always be notified in writing, using the change form. If membership is based on joint ownership, the change form must be signed by all the shareholders. In addition, an estate must submit a copy of the estate inventory deed.

Transfer of membership investments

The participation shares and additional shares of Metsäliitto Cooperative can be transferred to another member of the Cooperative. To do this, complete the change form, indicating the shares to be transferred. If the recipient is not yet a member of Metsäliitto Cooperative, they must also apply for membership either electronically or by using the paper membership form.

If the transferor is an estate, a copy of the estate inventory deed must be appended to the transfer of membership investments, indicating the acquisition of the shares. The forms, including appendices, can be submitted to our customer service.

Termination of membership

If you wish to terminate your membership, please submit a written notification, signed by you, to our customer service. All rights based on membership (for example, the right to interest on members’ capital) will terminate when we receive your informal notification.

If the termination concerns a joint membership of spouses, a forest partnership or an estate, the notification must be signed by all the shareholders. In addition, an estate must include a copy of the estate inventory deed with the notification. If you terminate your membership, we will return your investment in the regular participation shares on an accelerated timetable, at the end of the following calendar month, unless prohibited by section 16 of the Rules.

Membership continues under the name of an undistributed estate

If an individual member of Metsäliitto Cooperative passes away and the estate remains undistributed, membership in the Cooperative transfers to the estate and the member benefits continue automatically. For example, interest on the members’ capital will be paid in the normal way to the estate, so there is no need to terminate membership. However, it is important that the estate notifies us about the person handling matters for the estate.

Our customer service will provide, on request, a statement of accounts for the estate inventory. The statement indicates the shares invested in the Cooperative at the time of death. For the purpose of the estate inventory, you can also order an estimate from our forest specialist, which indicates the monetary value of the forest estate.

If the shares in Metsäliitto Cooperative owned by the estate are to be transferred to one or more individuals, they must also become members of the Cooperative. After this, the transfer can be easily made using a transfer form available at our office closest to you or from customer service. If the transfer notification has been submitted by 31 March, the interest for the previous year will be paid to the new owner of the shares. We are pleased to assist anyone taking over a forest estate in all matters related to forest ownership and forest management.