Forest for various needs

The smallish forest assets of Raimo Kuivajärvi are not just a source of income; they also carry a deeper meaning for him. Raimo collects firewood and other household wood from his own forest and also appreciates special nature sites; high cliffs and shores, which are not necessarily the best places for forestry, are particularly close to his heart.

Raimo does not trade wood all that often, but when he does, he appreciates the buyer being a forest specialist, with whom it easy to communicate. Raimo’s personal forest specialist, Santtu Pakarinen, has proved to be such a cooperation partner. Santtu is also pleased with their cooperation. “Every owner-member is important to us, irrespective of the size of their forest,” he says, shedding light on Metsä’s principle. When you know an owner-member in person, you also know how to best help them achieve their forest management goals in the long run.

A good forest specialist listens to the forest owner and disagrees, if necessary

Many owners carry out only one wood trade in their lifetime. In this case, the forest specialist must make the transaction as easy as possible and straightforwardly explain the different options available to the forest owner. A good forest specialist also listens to and takes into account the forest owner’s wishes and uses their expertise to help the owner achieve the goals.

However, in Santtu’s opinion, forest specialists should not go along with everything, but as professionals speak out if they believe that the forest owner’s plans are harmful to the forest. Raimo agrees: “I appreciate you disagreeing with me and giving your own opinion.” Nevertheless, professionals must be able to listen to forest owners to ensure they arrive at a satisfactory compromise. “It feels good to find the right solution after discussing things together,” says Raimo.