More benefits for member benefit customers and forest asset management customers

As a contract customer of Metsä Group, you get additional benefits that supplement the normal member benefits. A contract customer agreement is a good option for you if forestry and harvesting are carried out in your forest annually.

Member benefit customers reap more benefit from joint growth

As an owner of Metsä, you can sign a member benefit agreement on cooperation that will ensure you can make the most of your forest’s felling opportunities.

As a member benefit customer, you get a price guarantee for your wood trade and can be confident that thinning and regeneration felling will be carried out at just the right time from the forestry perspective. You will be supported by your personal forest specialist. If you wish, the forest specialist will visit your estate every year free of charge to jointly discuss the annual sales volumes, and any forest management services you need. A membership benefit agreement will also provide you with a higher bonus. In addition, the membership benefit agreement ensures that your forest will keep producing wood and yield in the future.

Benefits granted by the membership benefit agreement

  • Price guarantee for wood trade

    Price guarantee for wood trade

  • Sales guarantee for wood trade

    Sales guarantee for wood trade

  • Higher bonuses

    Higher bonuses

  • Calculators in Metsäverkko

    Calculators in Metsäverkko

Sign a forest asset management agreement and enjoy even better benefits

With a forest asset management agreement, you can even outsource the entire management of your forest to Metsä’s professionals. In this case, we will manage your forest assets in accordance with your wishes and long-term profit expectations. The agreement does not involve separate annual or contractual fees – you will always pay only for completed management work and delivered materials. You will keep the decision-making power all the time. As a forest asset management customer, you will get guaranteed prices and sales for your wood, as well as earning the highest possible bonus. The following benefits are available to forest asset management customers in addition to normal member benefits.

Forest asset management agreement

  • Annual plan free of charge

    Annual plan free of charge

  • At least double the bonuses

    At least double the bonuses

  • Up-to-date reporting and forest asset data

    Up-to-date reporting and forest asset data