Reliable forest estate appraisal from your personal forest specialist

A forest estate appraisal is a reliable document describing the economic value of your forest. An estate appraisal is needed for various tasks, such as carrying out a generational handover, preparing an estate inventory deed or selling the forest estate.

For the forest estate appraisal, our forest specialist carries out an assessment in the field of the volume and quality of growing stock on the estate, as well as any other elements that may affect the value of the estate. In addition to the volume and quality of the growing stock, the value is determined by the expected income, soil nutrients, the location and accessibility of the estate, as well as the condition in terms of forest management. An up-to-date forest plan speeds up the appraisal considerably.

Our forest specialist uses the data to prepare a clear summary, detailing the current value of the forest estate. The specialist submits the appraisal to you and, if required, discusses the content with you. You receive a professionally prepared appraisal of your forest estate, which will help you make decisions concerning your forest.

You can order a forest estate appraisal from your personal, local forest specialist, who is best acquainted with the factors affecting the value of your estate. You will get a high-quality estate appraisal, providing reliable information that you can trust. We carry out forest estate appraisals round the year, as permitted by weather conditions. The delivery time for forest estate appraisals is one to two months.