“I was born to become a forestry entrepreneur,” says Heikki as a starter. He belongs to a generational chain of forest owners, and similar to those who came before him, Heikki receives the bulk of his income from the forest. Heikki intends to leave the forest well-tended and productive to his own children. Therefore, it is anything but trivial how and with whom he manages his forests and carries out wood trade.

According to Heikki, he is a Metsä Group owner-member because it helps him get his wood to the market and sell it even when times are difficult. Membership also ensures a better income, since wood sold to Metsä continues to generate revenue after it is sold.

Forestry entrepreneurs also benefit from forest specialists’ know-how

Heikki Häppölä is used to working in the forest and takes pleasure in forgetting any daily worries when using a clearing saw on his estate. He also handles planting on his own, but has Metsä Group do the felling.

Even though Heikki has worked in the forest for decades, he still values his cooperation with Metsä Group’s forest specialist.

“Although I know a thing or two, I definitely want to talk to a real expert before making decisions.”

Harri Hahl, Heikki’s personal forest specialist, also speaks warmly about cooperation.

“I’m sure that Metsä offers sturdy support and thus helps decision-making.

The two men have frequent discussions. According to Harri, Heikki, as the forest owner, has numerous opinions and views, and by taking them into account in forest management, Heikki’s forests will remain to his liking.

Despite occasional differences of opinion, decisions are always made together

Heikki, who receives the bulk of his income from the forest, appreciates wood trade working smoothly also in challenging times. With the help of Harri and Metsä Group, his wood has always found its way to the market, and now he can usually sell his wood without even visiting the felling site. When you have cooperated with the same forest specialist for nearly ten years, words aren’t always needed but each party senses what the other one is thinking and what needs to be done. Heikki and Harri also share an interest in spectator sports, and their meetings often start with an analysis of the latest doings of the Lahti Pelicans ice hockey team.

However, the forest owner and forest specialist are not always of the same mind.

“Oh yes, we sometimes disagree,” says Heikki Häppölä.

“And so we should,” Harri Hahl chuckles. “Otherwise there’s no exchange of views, and nothing develops.”

Heikki has clearly positive experiences of their cooperation, which he summarises with the clarity of a forestry entrepreneur.

“The forest generates a better income when we make decisions together.”