Your participation shares accumulate interest

Metsä does not collect annual or joining fees. Instead, when becoming an owner-member of Metsä, you make an investment in participation shares, on which we pay interest. The amount you invest depends on the size and location of your forest estate. You can become a member if you own at least three hectares of forest land in Finland.

If, for instance, you own 19 hectares of forest in Southern Finland, your investment will be 10 hectares × EUR 65 per hectare = EUR 650. We pay annual interest on the participation share, which has been 5.5–7.5 per cent* in the 21st century. In 2023, the interest on participation shares is 6.5 per cent. This interest on owner-members’ capital constitutes distribution of the profit we have made together, and an effortless way for you to accumulate wealth.

You can pay your participation share either in full as soon as you become an owner-member, or in instalments in connection with wood deals, for example. If you choose to pay in instalments, the term of payment is five years from the beginning of your membership. As soon as the first payment has been made, interest will begin to accumulate. When your membership ends, you will get your investment back with interest.

* Previous profit distribution is not a guarantee of future returns on a forest owner’s investments.

Calculate the size of your investment in participation shares

Use this calculator to determine the size of your initial investment in participation shares. Add the location (municipality) and surface area of your forest. Then click “Calculate value”.