We serve forest owners and industries that use wood

The focus of our operations is Finland, where we serve the over 90,000 owner-members of our parent company Metsäliitto Cooperative. We procure all the wood used by Metsä Group. We also supply wood to selected external customers. Our skilled professionals and partners work daily to mitigate climate change and safeguard the biodiversity of forest nature.

Key figures

  • 2.2

    EUR billion


  • 18.7

    EUR million

    Comparable operating result

  • 93


    of wood certified

  • 700


    in the Baltic Sea area

We sustainably grow the value of the forest assets of Metsäliitto Cooperative’s owner-members and supply wood raw material to our customers cost-effectively and reliably.

We always prioritise our owner-members in our wood procurement. We procure all the wood used by Metsä Group from sustainably managed forests in the Baltic Sea region, most of it from our owner-members in Finland. We also supply significant volumes of energy wood, bark and sawdust for energy wood processing.

In 2023, certified wood accounted for 93 per cent of the wood we procured.

Our wood supply operations abroad ensure the wood supply to Metsä Group’s international production units, as well as the necessary supplementary deliveries to Finland.

We offer our owner-members in Finland comprehensive services for forest management and for increasing their forest assets. Outside Finland, we offer limited forest management services to forest owners in Latvia.

Metsä Group is committed to the principles of regenerative forestry. We implement regenerative forestry principles through various measures that improve the biodiversity of commercial forests, and we are developing new measures to increase biodiversity.

Our know-how covers the entire chain from the forest to the mill

  • Superior services for forest owners

    Superior services for forest owners

  • We serve industries that convert wood

    We serve industries that convert wood

  • Contract entrepreneurs are our partners

    Contract entrepreneurs are our partners

  • The entire chain from the forest to the mill

    The entire chain from the forest to the mill

Workplace community of committed professionals

Our competent professionals operate across the Baltic Sea area. Our community is a close-knit group of enthusiastic professionals who play a key role in mitigating climate change. Our hundreds of forest professionals form a lively, dynamic workplace community where ideas are put into practice. Most of our employees work in Finland.

We take care of our employees’ wellbeing and reward them for a job well done. We offer the benefits of a large organisation and good opportunities for job rotation. Our forest professionals have excellent ICT tools at their disposal. The most common jobs in our community are forest specialists and operations specialists. We also employ professionals in logistics, finance, sustainability, marketing, customer service and ICT.