The Finnish Forest Foundation sales promotion fee is used to fund activities that promote the forest sector

The Finnish Forest Foundation cooperates with forest owners, wood buyers and other players in the forest sector. It is an important advocate for Finnish wood and the Finnish forest industry. The Foundation strives to secure the operating conditions of forestry and the forest sector, increase the use of wood and wood-based products, and fund societal and economic research in the sector.

The Foundation’s funding is based on voluntary sales promotion fees, collected in connection with wood trade. As a forest owner, you too can contribute to the Finnish Forest Foundation’s operations by paying the sales promotion fee when selling wood. You can choose to do so in the wood trade agreement. If you decide to pay the sales promotion fee, we undertake to pay the same sum to the Finnish Forest Foundation. In other words, the Foundation receives the same sum twice. 

In standing sales, the sales promotion fee equates to 0.2 per cent and in delivery sales, 0.1 per cent of the value of wood trade, but is always at least EUR 8. Metsä Group charges the fee on the last wood trade measurement certificate submitted to the seller and forwards the payment to the Finnish Forest Foundation. The sales promotion fee can be deducted from the taxes on wood sales proceeds, in which case the fee must be entered as other expenses in accounting. 

The Finnish Forest Foundation annually awards around EUR 1.5 million in grants. The sum is used to support the forest education of children and young people, research in wood construction and research projects related to the forest sector, among other things. Further information about the research projects and the operations of the Finnish Forest Foundation is available on the Foundation’s website or on social media: