Forestry subsidies for private forest owners

In Finland, private forest owners can apply for forestry subsidies from the Finnish Forest Centre. Subsidies can be granted for young stand management, young forest management, corrective fertilisation, the management of peatland forest and improvement of forest roads, and as environmental subsidies. The amount granted varies depending on the type of work.

The law on Kemera subsidies is due to expire on 31.12.2023. If you intended to apply for Kemera subsidies, you must have submitted your application to Metsäkeskus by 1.10.2023. Kemera will be replaced by a new metka incentive scheme in 2024. Ask your forest expert for more information.

The amount of annually granted forestry subsidies is limited, and the subsidies are treated as taxable income. Forest management projects that receive forestry subsidies must be carried out by the date indicated by the Finnish Forest Centre.

Your forest specialist can advise you on questions concerning forestry subsidies. If you order forestry work from Metsä Group, your forest specialist will apply for forestry subsidies on your behalf and submit the notice of completion when the subsidised forestry work has been completed.