Kemera subsidies are an incentive for private forest owners

Private forest owners can receive Kemera subsidies for forest management work, granted by the Finnish Forest Centre. Kemera subsidies are granted to forest estates in Finland for young stand management (early cleaning and pre-commercial thinning), management of young forests, construction and basic improvement of forest roads, management of peatland forests and corrective fertilisation, and as environmental subsidies and support for forest nature management projects.

The Kemera subsidy for early cleaning and pre-commercial thinning is available for 160 euros per hectare. The subsidy for the management of young forests is 230 euros per hectare, and if small-dimensioned wood is collected at the same time, 450 euros per hectare. The conditions for subsidies and restrictions related to the granting of subsidies can be found on the website of the Finnish Forest Centre (in Finnish).

The forest specialist applies for Kemera subsidies on your behalf

If you order forest management work from Metsä Group, your personal forest specialist applies for the subsidy directly on your behalf. We will also submit an implementation notification upon completion of the forest management work for which a subsidy has been granted.

Forest management projects that have received Kemera subsidies must be carried out by the date determined by the Finnish Forest Centre. Early cleaning, pre-commercial thinning and young forest management must be carried out within 12 months of the date of the decision. The deadlines for other types of work can be found on the Finnish Forest Centre’s website.

The total amount of annually awarded Kemera subsidies is limited, and the subsidies are treated as taxable income. The Sustainable Forestry Financing Act (Kemera) will remain in force until 31 December 2023 at the latest, and it will be repealed when the new forestry incentive scheme (Metka) is adopted. Detailed information about Kemera subsidies is available on the Finnish Forest Centre’s website. Our forest specialists can also tell you more about Kemera subsidies and the related conditions.