Profit distribution based on wood trade

By selling wood to Metsä Group, you can participate in Metsäliitto Cooperative’s profit distribution, even if you do not invest in additional shares. The profit to be distributed based on wood trade is calculated from the volumes of industrial roundwood received from the owner-members over the past four concluded financial periods.

The profit thus determined is distributed in the form of Metsä1 additional shares. This is called surplus reimbursement. We aim to reward our most committed active owner-members who engage in wood trade with us.

The surplus reimbursement is primarily paid out in the form of Metsäliitto Cooperative’s Metsä1 additional shares, and partly in cash for the sum equivalent to each member’s withholding tax incurred. If a member eligible for surplus reimbursement terminates their membership before the payment date of the surplus reimbursement, the surplus reimbursement portion in question will not be distributed.

The surplus of Metsäliitto Cooperative affects the amount of interest on members’ capital or other returns. Metsäliitto Cooperative’s Representative Council decides on the interest on members’ capital and other profit distribution annually based on a proposal from the Board of Directors. Previous profit distribution is not a guarantee of future profit distribution or returns.