New investments are now concluded for A and B additional shares

Metsäliitto Cooperative’s profit distribution model has been updated at the start of 2022, and the Metsä1 additional share will replace A additional shares for any new investments. The A and B additional shares will remain valid, but you can no longer invest new funds in them. If you wish, you can convert your A additional shares into Metsä1 additional shares.

However, equity bonuses earned before 2022 can be used on either A additional shares or Metsä1 additional shares until the end of 2023 at the member’s discretion, provided that the member still has A additional shares eligible for equity bonuses.

If you wish to release funds you have invested in them, you can do so by submitting a written notice of termination for the additional shares. We will pay the money you have invested in A additional shares to your account at the next year’s turn of June and July. The money invested in B additional shares will be paid to you in 18 months from the turn of the year following the notice of termination. Provided that your membership in the cooperative continues, interest on the terminated additional shares will continue to be paid until the invested funds are returned.