PEFC certification is well suited to small forest owners

The PEFC scheme has been used in Finland since 2000, and around 90 per cent of Finnish commercial forests have been certified in accordance with it. PEFC emphasises the overall sustainability of forest management and use, which means promoting the biodiversity of forest nature and securing the rights of forestry employees, while also ensuring that forestry is profitable.

Join PEFC forest certification through us

Forest owners can join PEFC forest certification through Metsä Group and have their forests certified free of charge. The requirement is that you have included the forest plan or forest asset data concerning the forest estate you wish to certify in our Metsäverkko service.

A forest owner who signs up through Metsä Group becomes part of a regional forest certification system, managed by the association Kestävän Metsätalouden Yhdistys ry.

If you are unsure whether your forest is covered by PEFC certification, you can verify this in Metsäverkko under Asiakastiedot > Metsätilat ja sertifiointi. Using your property identifier, you can also check the information related to your forest estate(s) on the website of Kestävän Metsätalouden Yhdistys.

Four examples of how PEFC forest certification shows in the forest in Finland

  •  Groups of retention trees

    Groups of retention trees

  • Preserving decaying trees

    Preserving decaying trees

  • Buffer strips around waterways and bogs

    Buffer strips around waterways and bogs

  • Multiple-use forests

    Multiple-use forests

The PEFC requirements concerning forest use and management are reviewed and updated in extensive cooperation with stakeholders every five years. To learn more about the current requirements and status of updates, please visit the PEFC website.

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