Metsä Group pays a significant extra bonus for Metsä Group wood purchases that promote diversity

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Metsä Group will pay its existing and new owner-members an extra bonus of up to €300/ha for wood sales under the Metsä Group Plus management model from 1 February to 30 April 2024.

“It’s in the common interest of Metsä Group and the members of its parent company Metsäliitto Cooperative that the diversity of Finnish forests increases, and that they stay vibrant and healthy. The Metsä Group Plus management model combines practical measures to achieve these goals,” says Juha Jumppanen, Metsä Group’s EVP, Wood Supply and Forest Services.

Metsä Group will pay a bonus of €100/ha for all thinnings purchased between 1 February and 30 April 2024 under the Metsä Group Plus management model and €300/ha for regeneration felling in addition to the normal wood trade bonus. The bonus is available to both existing and new owner-members who become Metsä Group’s owner-members and conclude a Metsä Group Plus wood sale during the period 1 February – 30 April 2024.

Metsä Group’s contract customers will also receive an unlimited price guarantee for the pulpwood and stem-priced wood they sell during the campaign period. Contract customers can also enjoy benefits retroactively.

“Metsäliitto Cooperative will be 90 years old this year. We are a Finnish forestry company owned by forest owners that invests in and develops its production in the long term in Finland especially. Our mills make products from the wood of our owner-members that people around the world use every day. Our owner-members are always prioritised in wood trade and are offered comprehensive benefits, while they will also play a part in creating sustainable growth in Finland in the future. In 2023, we paid our owner-members a record EUR 101 million in profit distribution for 2022, plus approximately EUR 24 million in wood trade bonuses and price guarantees,” Jumppanen says.

Further information
Juha Jumppanen, EVP, Wood Supply and Forest Services, Metsä Group, +358 50 384 4808
Juho Rantala, SVP, Wood Trade and Forest Services, Metsä Group +358 40 143 6347
Juha Laine, SVP, Marketing and Communications, Metsä Group, +358 50 346 0350

Metsä Group’s Wood Supply and Forest Services

Metsä Group’s Wood Supply and Forest Services provides and develops the services offered to the members of Metsä Group's parent company, Metsäliitto Cooperative. The cooperative consists of more than 90,000 Finnish forest owners who together own about half of Finland’s private forests. We provide all the forest services required to engage in sustainable forest management and raise the value of forest assets.We procure all the wood used by Metsä Group from sustainably managed forests in the Baltic Sea region, most of it from our owner-members in Finland. 

In 2022, our sales totalled EUR 2.1 billion, and we have around 750 employees. We promote a culture of diversity, equality and inclusion.