Harvesting started for continuous production of Metsä Group's Rauma sawmill

Metsä Group press release 15.9.2022
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Metsä Group started today, 15 September 2022, the harvesting of wood for the continuous sawn timber production of the new pine sawmill being built by Metsä Fibre in Rauma. The Rauma sawmill will start up during the current quarter.

Harvesting for the continuous sawn timber production of Rauma sawmill started in the forest of Tuomaala Jointly Owned Forest, an owner-member of Metsä Group. Metsäpalvelu Helminen Oy was responsible for the harvesting at the site.

"The Rauma sawmill is about to start the continuous sawn timber production and we can start to increase the volumes of timber harvested for actual production. Our aim is to procure pine logs for the sawmill from Metsä Group's owner-members," says Juha Jumppanen, EVP, Metsä Forest.

Harvesting volumes will gradually increase as the sawmill's production increases. The purchase of pine dominated stands for the sawmill started well in advance last year.

The logs for Rauma sawmill are sourced from regeneration and thinning fellings in southern and western Finland. 

"Rauma sawmill will use 1.5 million cubic metres of pine logs per year. At current stumpage prices, this means an annual stumpage income of around EUR 100 million for forest owners. This figure does not include the stumpage revenue from the fibre and energy wood that is harvested," says Jumppanen.

The total employment impact of Rauma Sawmill in the wood supply chain and forest management is about 500 person-years.

"According to the feedback we collect from forest owners, they are very satisfied with the work of our entrepreneurs. Growing wood procurement is successful together with our owner-members and our professional and reliable contractors," says Jumppanen.

The amount of wood in Finnish forests is increasing every year, and the forests thus act as a carbon sink.

"The increase in the use of logs is sustainable. We use the logs to make sawn timber, which is used for a long time in carbon sequestering wood products. Together with forest owners, we ensure that forests remain healthy, vibrant and diverse - it is in our common interest," says Jumppanen.

Metsä Group develops new forest management methods through its ecological sustainability programme

More information:
Juha Jumppanen, Executive Vice President, Metsä Forest, tel. +358 50 384 4808
Krista Kimmo, Communications Manager, Metsä Forest, tel. +358 50 526 4911

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