Contributing to local livelihoods and society

Community engagement and social responsibility are important to us. Our production units have a strong local influence and our operations affect the entire country.

We support the wellbeing of children and young people in many ways at our mill locations. We also provide trainee programmes, summer jobs and apprenticeships annually. Additionally, several school and student groups visit our production units each year.

On a Finnish national level, we are an important producer of export goods and renewable energy. Our products correspond to global trends and reduce dependence on fossil raw materials. Wood products store carbon for their entire lifespan, and pulp is used globally to make recyclable products such as paper and paperboard.

We are also an important taxpayer and employer, both directly and indirectly. The Finnish Forest Industries Federation has estimated that each Finnish forest industry job indirectly creates three more jobs indirectly. And by investing, we also create wellbeing in the future.

We want to build trusting relations and open dialogue with our main stakeholder groups. Important stakeholders include, for example, our customers and our personnel as well as our suppliers, the authorities, representatives of non-governmental organisations (NGOs), students, the media, potential employees, and society at large. Annually, we arrange different types of stakeholder events, including meetings and visits to our sites.