Metsä Wood Online

Metsä Wood Online is a B2B platform for ordering and tracking Metsä Wood products. Metsä Wood Online offers you an overview made just for your company’s needs.

Platform for ordering products and tracking deliveries

Online makes placing orders fast and tracking orders simple. It always offers the best deal and right products based on mutual negotiations and your annual contract with Metsä Wood’s sales representative. Documents and data are safely stored in one place. No more looking for documents from dozens of emails and servers!

Here you can find information on what Metsä Wood Online is, why you should use it and how to get Metsä Wood Online to help you with your daily tasks.

If you don’t have a Metsä Wood Online credentials yet, please contact your Metsä Wood sales representative for more information.

Why Metsä Wood Online

  • Fast and easy buying

    Fast and easy buying

  • Instant confimation

    Instant confimation

  • Documentation in one place

    Documentation in one place

  • Real-time information

    Real-time information

  • Transparency in production and deliveries

    Transparency in production and deliveries