Metsä Wood Academy online courses

Free online courses built around Metsä Wood's products. The material covers all main product families.

​Timber Academy is now Metsä Wood Academy. Metsä Wood is offering free online courses built around its products. The material covers all main product families. Learn the basics of our products in short 10 minute training sessions!

Completing the courses is easy: Just register for the Wood Academy service, sign in and study.

The material covers all main product families and the courses have an interactive element – you study a product range and then answer questions.

Which has a better weight to strength ratio, redwood or whitewood?

What is the average density of spruce plywood?

I need a Kerto LVL S-beam in size 51x300 millimetres and length of 5,4 metres. In stock, I have some 51x300 millimetre beams in length 3,6 metres and 51x250 millimetre beams in length 5,4. What should I do?

Timber Academy in UK

Metsä Wood's Timber Academy was established in 2001  and is open to all levels of merchant customers, from the branch level to the boardroom.

The course now running online only is split into manageable sections, covering: grading and identifying timber quality, the environmental aspects of timber production, timber products and applications, storage, grading and presentation, measurement and calculations, health and safety, and making the most of linked sales. 

As part of the course, delegates can also arrange a visit via their sales contact to Metsä Wood's production facilities.

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