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Spruce Ply - Easy on site

​Spruce plywood is a traditional and common product at construction sites. We wanted to show these products from a completely new, dramatic and artistic point of view. ‘Easy on Site’ video addresses the core audience working in construction, while providing an aesthetic experience to anyone who enjoys the subtle beauty of wood. 

“Spruce plywood is a traditional product, but with innovative coatings it has benefits that may feel surprising. We wanted to communicate these benefits in an unforeseen way by highlighting the beauty of the product,” Mikko Saavalainen, SVP, Business Development from Metsä Wood said.

In the construction world, relying on the right materials can help evade unnecessary work phases and weather or safety related issues that can easily throw projects off track. Metsä Wood Spruce Ply products are designed to tackle these challenges while ensuring maximum profitability. The panels are light, easy to install and work with. Ideal for walls, flooring and roofing it is, in fact, the special surface treatments and finishes of the softwood panels, which improve their resistance against weather, moisture, mould or provides enhanced fire safety. Produced from high quality raw material - 100% traceable wood from sustainably managed northern forests - the products are also environmentally friendly.