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Metsä Pavilion in Tokyo: Seamless collaboration makes construction more efficient

The elements used in Metsä Wood and Business Finland’s Metsä Pavilion were produced at the Timberpoint factory in Loviisa, Finland. Tight-knit collaboration between several professionals made the pavilion come to life:

“If we trust wood as a material and work with constructors, architects and element factories, we can offer completely new types of wood construction project,” says CEO and co-founder of Timberpoint Marko Suonpää.

Metsä Pavilion has massive multiple glued Kerto LVL components, and all the visible surfaces are Kerto LVL materials.

Using Kerto® LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) as a material makes construction fast, light and green. Unlike many other projects, the element manufacturer Timberpoint was involved in the planning process right from the start of the project and was thus able to make the production industrially efficient as well.

“The experience gained from the Metsä Pavilion project can also be applied in future projects,” says Suonpää.