Metsä Wood - For Builders of Tomorrow

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Builders of Tomorrow

We see the challenges we all face today as momentous. But not overwhelming. 
We have always been builders of tomorrow. 
Replacing trees we use with even more seedlings,
​​​​​​​and we secure forests’ biodiversity for future generations.  

Even our ownership is defined by shared stewardship of forests.
Northern forests which grow the most renewable raw material and carbon sink there is. 
Our wood products have always provided carbon storage for decades ahead.
Our work has always focused on building for tomorrow. 
Sustainability is in our core.

This commitment is built into our cooperation with our customers.
Collaboration is the basis of our long-term partnerships.
Working together throughout the value chain turns challenges into opportunities.

The guaranteed supply of Northern wood we work with is perfect for building the future.
The innovations and solutions designed bring its benefits to an ever-fuller scope of applications.
Sharing our knowledge and learnings builds lasting progress.

Building for tomorrow is more important now than ever. 
Going even beyond sustainability. Constantly regenerating, moving forward.
For us, looking far into the future is our legacy.

From builders of tomorrow. For builders of tomorrow.

Metsä Wood.