Summer job led to a career

Joonas Huuho was first offered a summer traineeship and then a permanent position as a forest specialist. “A bold and active approach takes you a long way in job hunting,” says Huuho.

When the application period for Metsä Group’s summer jobs opened in December, Joonas Huuho immediately sent off his application. This was back in 2020, and Huuho was in his third year of forest engineering studies at Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

“I’d been working at Metsä Fibre’s Renko sawmill the previous summer, and the experience was so positive that I also wanted to apply for a traineeship at Metsä Group.”

After submitting his application, Huuho waited for a week or two and then called the operations manager in charge of recruitment. The call led to an invitation to a job interview.

For the interview, Huuho collected all his previous work and school certificates, as well as the assessment of his military service.

“At the interview, I said I was sociable, and that my sporting background helped me manage well in nature. I also said I had no previous experience of this type of work.”

Huuho felt nervous at the interview, but it went well, and he landed a job.

“There aren’t many traineeships available in the forest industry, and it’s difficult to stand out with your application alone. However, a phone call is something a recruiter remembers.”

As soon as he started his summer job, Huuho began to actively indicate his interest in all new vacancies at Metsä Group.

“In June, I heard that one of the employees was moving to another position. I enthusiastically called my manager to suggest I apply for the vacancy.”

A few days later, Huuho signed another employment contract with Metsä Group. In August last year, Huuho took study leave to continue his studies at the University of Helsinki. In March, while still on study leave, Huuho was offered the opportunity to stand in during another employee’s job alternation leave and complete his university degree alongside his work.

“By then, I’d made such good progress in my studies that I felt I had to seize the opportunity.”

This text was published in Metsä Group’s Viesti 4/2023.

Text Maria Latokartano
Photos Tomi Aho