Efficiency of prefabricated wood elements

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​Talking Wood with Tero Vesanen – Efficiency in manufacturing prefabricated wood elements

Metsä Wood seeks long term partnerships with local offsite manufacturers, because the construction industry is different in every country. Tero Vesanen shares his thoughts on VVR Wood’s cooperation with Metsä Wood and the efficiency of using prefabricated wood elements in construction. Vesanen praises Metsä Wood’s willingness to share its knowhow to develop offsite construction together. The cooperation ranges from the development of new building systems based on Kerto® LVL (laminated veneer lumber) elements to technical details.

VVR Wood has become Finland’s biggest wooden multi-storey apartment building supplier. Kerto LVL-based elements bring many benefits to offsite construction – light structures cut down transportation costs, are fast to install, and provide a fast route to greener construction.