Rapid construction with wooden elements

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Finnish and Japanese wood expertise come together in Metsä Pavilion

Metsä Pavilion, built on the grounds of the Finnish Embassy in Tokyo, is Business Finland’s project and Metsä Group is the main partner. Architect Atsushi Ueda has provided help and consultation in getting the required permits, and his company Guest Architects is responsible for the finishing touches of the Pavilion.

Metsä Pavilion is made of Metsä Wood’s Kerto® LVL (laminated veneer lumber) elements. The elements were prefabricated to measure in Finland and shipped to Japan. Ueda sees a growing importance in using prefabricated materials in construction.

“Due to costs rising globally, and accuracy problems, more prefabrication is going to be used in the future. Prefabrication is the best part of the Metsä Pavilion building,” he says.

“The design and material of Kerto LVL are very impactful. I hope this will be a good opportunity for others to learn about Finnish wood materials.”

Kerto LVL is a fast, light and green material to build with. The elements can be made into almost any shape and size, and the elements fit together perfectly. Thus, the Pavilion can be assembled and later disassembled in a matter of days.

Ueda is looking forward to developing wood construction with prefabricated elements together with Finnish professionals in the future.

“A successful project like this will appeal to the Japanese construction industry,“ Ueda says.