Kerto® LVL

Kerto® LVL
Kerto® LVL

Panels for load-bearing applications

Kerto® LVL Q-panel is an ideal material for load-bearing applications that can be used in both horizontal and vertical structures. Using a large Q-panel ensures material efficiency and minimises installation time.

Kerto LVL Q-panel with thicknesses of 27–75 mm fulfil the requirements for strength class LVL 36 C and thicknesses 21–24 mm fulfil the requirements for strength class LVL 32 C.


  • Panel product for roof, floor and wall constructions
  • High and slender beams
  • Components for prefabricated roof, floor and wall elements and modules


  • Strong and rigid, approx. 20% of the veneers are oriented in a crosswise direction
  • Excellent strength-to-weight ratio
  • Dimensional stability improved against warp and twist
  • Large panels up to 2,500 mm wide, 20 m long

Kerto® LVL Q-panel common sizes

  Width (mm)
Thickness (mm) 900 1200/1250 1800/1820 2400/2500
27 x x x x
39 x x x x
45 x x x x
51 x x x x
57 x x x x
63 x x x x
69 x x x x
75 x x x x
Guide for Kerto LVL dimensions