​Finn​​frame® flooring system

The Finnframe flooring system is an integrated state-of-the-art solution that provides floor structures quickly, efficiently and economically. 

The system consists of Metsä Wood engineered wood products that are created to a customised design. 

The basic components of the system are Metsä Wood Finnjoist, Kerto LVL S-Beam trimmers and header, Kerto LVL Q-panel rim beams and their ready made details and connections. 

Finnframe system for Metsa Wood Engineered Wood Products

Finnjoist (FJI) - Manufactured at our mill in King's Lynn, Finnjoists are strong, stable and lightweight. Finnjoists were the first I-Joists on the market  to have European Technical Approval (ETA) and CE marking.

Kerto® LVL - A strong, lightweight, rigid and dimensionally stable timber product made from 3mm rotary-peeled spruce veneers.

Kerto® LVL S-beam - Manufactured from veneers laid in the same direction, ideal for beams and long spans.

Kerto® LVL Q-panel - Engineered in the same way as S-beam but with some cross-laid veneers, giving dimensional stability and excellent load bearing performance.

Finnframe Software

The heart of the system is the Finnframe software which converts your own floor plans into a 3-D image of the supporting structure together with a complete bill of materials and detailed site plans. The software designs both floor panels and floors built on site. 

Finnframe software is available in UK, and requires a written partner agreement with the local Metsä Wood office.

Simple to use, giving you the advantage

Supporting the Finnjoist (FJI) is our design software, Finnframe - an advanced design package that saves time, eliminates wastage, and offers certainty by turning your floor plans into a detailed specification that complies with current British and European standards.

A programme of continuous development and advancement has given us the Finnframe software package, allowing you to view designs in 3D as well as plan view.

Finnframe will deliver clear and concise material listings, structural and assembly drawings, and is designed to calculate to the new Eurocode 5 (EN 1995-1-1) and its British National Annex.

Finnframe is also able to link with other software programmes including drafting, stock control and CNC cutting programmes, a feature unique to Finnframe. The software also features a cutting optimisation programme, Finncut, to help reduce waste.

Technical support

In addition to the "Hardware" and "Software", our package is completed with the support of our UK-based Technical Support Team and Technical Sales Team, providing technical advice, trouble shooting, training and giving you all the support required to complete your project.

For more information on the above, please contact our Technical Hotline on +44 (0)1205 883 835.

You can also email us on technicaluk(at)metsagroup.com. *Please note that Finnframe is exclusively for use by our qualified distributors.

​​​Install it right first time

Our web portal for contractors and site managers involved in the installation of the Metsä Wood Finnframe flooring system is now available.

The web portal is designed to support the installation of Finnframe Floor System. It shows useful installation videos and is also a powerful service hole calculation tool.

Visit the portal here!

Finnframe app view