Spruce plywood
Spruce plywood

Spruce plywood for versatile construction

Metsä Wood spruce plywood products are excellent multi-purpose construction panels. They are ideal for applications where strength, stability, light weight and versatility are valued. In addition to construction applications, like roof, wall and floor structures, spruce plywood can be used in e.g. concrete formwork, transport and packaging industry. Panels are easy to machine and install using conventional woodworking tools and fasteners.

Metsä Wood Spruce is the base panel for all our spruce plywood products. We have available a selection of different surface treatments and thermoplastic overlay suitable for various end uses. Metsä Wood spruce plywood products are CE marked.

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All wood raw materials used in Metsä Wood’s products originate from sustainably managed Northern forests where growth exceeds use. The used wood is traceable and comes from certified or controlled forests. All Metsä Wood mills have certified PEFC Chain of Custody (PEFC CoC: 200774).