Wooden elements

Modular wood construction brings efficiency and sustainability into offsite construction. The lightness of wood as a construction material makes the prefabricated elements easy to transport and handle. Furthermore, wood is the only major construction material that is renewable. Kerto® LVL (laminated veneer lumber) is an excellent material for wooden roof, floor, and wall elements.

As Kerto LVL is a strong yet lightweight material, it enables long spans and wide-open spaces. One can create long spans over 20 meters with roof elements utilizing the composite action between structurally glued Kerto LVL Q-panels and S-beams. The long spans also apply to intermediate floor elements based on Kerto LVL Q-panels and S-beams, and this creates material savings. In-wall elements, using Kerto LVL Q-panels as the bracing structure enables bigger window and door openings with a minimised number of bracing walls.

Kerto LVL is a resource-efficient choice. Thanks to its excellent strength to weight ratio the structures are lighter and therefore less material is needed. Metsä Wood delivers the Kerto LVL products cut to specific sizes to its long-term element manufacturing partners. This combined with the high quality of Kerto LVL means there is hardly any wastage of materials.

Kerto LVL – strong and safe material

As a material, Kerto LVL is lightweight, stable, strong and dimensionally stable. Kerto LVL is easy to drill, cut, fasten and fit – only standard wood working tools are needed. LVL components are also highly portable due to their light weight.

It is safe in case of a fire and its fire behaviour is highly predictable. If a Kerto LVL component burns, its surface gets charred, which protects the structure and slows down the burning process.

Development through partnerships

Metsä Wood has a long experienced with working together with wooden element manufacturers. Our Technical Customer Service works in close cooperation with our customers to develop faster building processes, optimise costs and product homogenous quality.

During the decades, Metsä Wood has developed plenty of Kerto LVL element designs that have been used in various project. Among them, designs based on so-called Kerto LVL Ripa gluing technology are being used by Mestä Wood’s partners throughout Europe, relying on this gluing technology to produce, for their specific markets, load-bearing floor and roof elements with wide span and outstanding dimensional stability.

Moving the modular wood construction forward requires collaboration and knowledge sharing. Metsä Wood’s Open Source Wood offers a free platform for all modular wood experts to share their thoughts, designs and innovations. Anyone can join and download the designs. Metsä Wood has also shared openly all its Kerto LVL element designs, including Kerto LVL roof and floor elements

No wasting materials
Kerto LVL is easy work with standard tools
Kerto LVL roof elements enable long spans
Industrial production of wooden element