Hardboard and Insulation Board

High Performance Sustainable Panels

Standard Hardboard

High-end Finnish produced hardboard made using the timber fibers natural resins to achieve a resilient panel.

LION Floor™

LION Floor TM is the first hardboard panel to be designed and manufactured specifically for the flooring industry.

Renowned for being the best in class with excellent stability characteristics, having good light colour, and staying flatter than most other ‘thin’ boards, due to the unique manufacturing processes.

LION Floor™ is available in a large variety of sheet sizes displayed below and is produced from 100% ‘waste’ wood, it is the ultimate ‘green’ panel product.

A high-end product produced in BS8203, in-line with the British Standards and CFA (Contract Flooring Association)

For our range and sizes of Hardboard and Insulation Board see the table below. If you require other sizes, please ask the sales team when enquiring. 

Range and Sizes

  Panel Size (mm)

Supplied Size(mm)

Standard Fibreboard 2440 x 1220 3.2
  1220 x 610 3.2
LION Floor™ 2440 x 1220  4.8
  1220 x 610 4.8