Softwood Plywood

Constructional and Coniferous Plywood
Softwood Plywood

Softwood Plywood and Plastform 333 MDO

Multi-Use Structural Plywood

This wood is primarily from South America

Key Points

- Performance to EN636/2s CE2+ Structural
- Gluing to EN314/2 Class 3, E1 emissions class
- Chain of Custody certified
- C+/C Grade Veneer

Plastform 333 MDO - High Technology Concrete Formwork

Key Points
- Performance to US product standard PS 1-95
- Gluing to EN 314/2 Class 3
- Heavier weight of film (370gm/m2)
- No wood grain or defects
- Plastform 333 MDO panels are edge sealed during manufacture.

See our table below for range and sizes of Plastform 333 MDO and South American/Baltic Softwood


  Panel Size (mm) Supplied Size (mm)        
Softwood Plywood  2440 x 1220 9 12   18 24
Plastform 2440 x 1200     17.5