Declaration of Performance Library

​​​Here you can access Declaration of Performance documents (DoPs) for the products you purchase from Metsä Wood, for compliance to the Construction Products Regulation (EU) No 305/2011.

DoP reference can be found from the CE marking of the product, from the commercial documents or from the list of DoP references of Metsä Wood products (found below). Please note that the DoP reference has to be entered in the exact format into the search box.


  1. Enter the DoP reference (e.g. MW/PW/411-001/CPR/DOP) to the search. Reference list can be found below.

  2. If needed, choose the language.

  3. If needed, choose the validity of the DoP. Valid documents are chosen by default.

  4. Click "Find"

Birch plywood products

Metsä Wood Birch MW/PW/411-001/CPR/DOP
Metsä Wood Form MW/PW/411-001/CPR/DOP
Metsä Wood Deck MW/PW/411-001/CPR/DOP
Metsä Wood Floor MW/PW/411-001/CPR/DOP
Metsä Wood Top MW/PW/411-001/CPR/DOP
Metsä Wood SP MW/PW/411-001/CPR/DOP
Metsä Wood Granit MW/PW/411-001/CPR/DOP
Metsä Wood Integra MW/PW/411-001/CPR/DOP
Metsä Wood Laser uncoated MW/PW/411-002/CPR/DOP
Metsä Wood Laser MW/PW/411-002/CPR/DOP
Metsä Wood Birch Phoenix MW/PW/411-003/CPR/DOP

Finnjoist / Finnstud

Finnjoist I-joist MWUK/FJI/321-001/CPR/DOP
Finnstud I-joist MWUK/FJI/321-002/CPR/DOP

Spruce plywood products

Metsä Wood Spruce MW/PW/421-001/CPR/DOP
Metsä Wood Spruce MouldGuard MW/PW/421-002/CPR/DOP
Metsä Wood Takplywood MW/PW/421-002/CPR/DOP
Metsä Wood Spruce FireResist MW/PW/421-003/CPR/DOP
Metsä Wood Spruce Flex MW/PW/421-005/CPR/DOP
Metsä Wood Spruce WeatherGuard MW/PW/421-006/CPR/DOP

Kerto® LVL products

Kerto LVL S-beam MW/LVL/311-001/CPR/DOP
Kerto LVL Q-panel MW/LVL/312-001/CPR/DOP
Kerto LVL Qp-beam MW/LVL/313-001/CPR/DOP
Kerto LVL L-panel MW/LVL/318-001/CPR/DOP
Kerto LVL Kate MW/LVL/316-001/CPR/DOP
Kerto LVL T-stud MW/LVL/314-001/CPR/DOP