Hunters Wood Shavings

Hunters Wood Shavings
Hunters Wood Shavings

High quality, dust extracted horse bedding

Produced by Metsä Wood at our own UK manufacturing sites.

Each weatherproof bale of Hunter Woodshavings is vacuum packed with fresh, dry, softwood shavings taken directly off our production lines to give you consistently high quality and a totally natural product.

With no timber debris or external shavings being allowed in our bales, the demand for top-performing horse bedding can sometimes exceed the supply of our high-quality Hunter shavings. As such, we have limited our distribution to a select number of stockists who ensure regular customers are well looked after.

Additional Information

High absorbency

Absorbs 250% of its own weight in minutes(up to 145% more than some)*

Low dust content

Consistently less than 4.5%(some bedding has twice this)*

Large spread volume

2.75m2 area (6" deep) filled per 25kg bale(Up to 180% greater than some)*

Low spore content

As few as 0 fungal spores per kg(most bedding has millions)** Independently tested by SATRA, a British equestrian trade association designated testing centre.Hunter Woodshavings are available from selected stockists nationwide. For more information,