Softwood Cladding

Softwood Timber
Softwood Cladding

Create an modern alternative finish to brick

Exterior Cladding

​​​Exterior timber cladding is a popular facade that can add warmth to a building and provide a sustainable option over brick or alternative finishes.Our Softwood exterior cladding is kiln-dried for increased durability and machined with precision. This gives flexibility to the finish and style you want to achieve as it can be stained, varnished, painted, and treated.

Interior Cladding

Interior wall panels and cladding bring another dimension to any room in your home, covering a full wall or just the lower section to suit your taste. A popular choice for adding a sense of personal style to bedrooms and living areas.Choose from various design trends to suit your home including the favourite shaker style, traditional vertical cladding and modern 3D effect panels.Quick and easy to fit with tongue & groove or shiplap options, wall panels can be stained or painted to create the perfect finish to an interior decorating project you can be proud of


Our wall claddings are sourced from well-managed and sustainable forests in either PEFC or FSC and are available from stockists nationwide.​

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