Aroma cooking

Cooking in a tied-up SAGA pouch (also known as cooking en papillote) preserves the foods aromas and vitamins. You can steam, boil or bake the pouches since the paper is resistant to high temperatures, humidity and boiling. You don’t need a separate steamer - just boil some water in an ordinary pan and carefully place the pouch in. You’ll also save energy!

Using cooking paper for steaming is a gentle way of cooking vegetables that contain lots of water-soluble vitamins, as well as foods that tend to dry out in the oven such as fish or chicken. The delicate aromas of fresh herbs are awakened and preserved when steaming en papillote.

Using cooking paper for steaming also means that the ingredients do not come into contact with cooking vessels or oven dishes, making them quick and easy to wash up - often a quick rinse is enough. Try serving the pouches unopened - not only will they keep the food hot, they provide a wonderful sensory experience when family and guests open them to let the aromas and juices escape onto the plate.