Bakery Solutions

Bakery Solution is designed for bakery use in both industrial and craft bakeries. It is developed to replace the traditional ways of baking and to decrease the use of fat and oil on trays and forms. Baking paper helps the everyday work in bakeries and gives good release for most types of baked goods. It is suitable for oven baking and it can be used for all kinds of pastry and patisserie. It guarantees constant release, heat resistance, and greaseproof quality.

Using baking paper saves:

  • Consumption of fat as the release-coated paper is non-stick and doesn’t need greasing.
  • Water, gas, electricity, and washing-up liquid because forms don’t need to be scratched, soaked, and washed – it is enough to rinse it by water.


  • Provides a non-stick surface for baking trays
  • Can be used in many different forms and shapes
  • Minimises moisture loss
  • Prevents deposits on GN trays and dishes
  • Is efficiently moisture- and greaseproof
  • Can be used at 220 °C

Ideal for:

All baked dishes, cakes, ready to bake bread rolls and pizza

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