Contact grilling and fastfood

Contact grilling concept is developed for professional and fast-food needs. With the help of SAGA baking and cooking paper you can easily heat and serve panini, toast and other contact grilled food. Prepared inside SAGA paper, the food retains all flavors and cooks evenly. Greaseproof, non-stick SAGA paper makes food handling hygienic and prevents contamination. Paper protects the food and grill stays clean, which saves time from cleaning.


  • Prevents contact grill against dirt and difficult cleaning
  • Retains the food’s flavours and form
  • Permits mouth-watering grill stripes to come through
  • Is tidy, hygienic and prevents crosscontamination
  • Makes food serving easy
  • Is greaseproof, non-stick and heat resistant

Ideal for:

Panini foods, toasts