Part of Metsä

The roots of SAGA

The roots of SAGA go back to 1918 when the Mänttä mill was the first to start making paper suitable for preserving food. The production of baking paper - a Finnish invention - started in the 1960s. SAGA and the Mänttä mill are a part of the Finnish company Metsä Tissue, which produces other household favourites such as Serla and Lambi as well as Katrin for public spaces. Metsä Tissue is part of Metsä Group, which is owned by 116,000 Finnish owner-members.

The main raw material of all of Metsä Group’s products is renewable wood from sustainably managed northern forests. We are leading the way in its use. In addition to baking and cooking papers, we produce tissue papers, fresh forest fibre paperboard, wood products for construction, world-class pulp as well as new bioproducts: bioenergy, biomaterials and biochemicals.

We are able to trace the origin of the wood we use, and over 80 per cent of the wood we procure is certified – even though the share of certified forests is only around 10 per cent world-wide. All of our products are recyclable. They are excellent alternatives to products made from non-renewable raw materials.

We utilize every part of the tree as efficiently as possible so that nothing goes to waste – the efficient use of resources is sustainable development at its best. Over 90 per cent of the side streams generated at our plants are utilized either as material or in energy production. Of the energy we use in production, 86 per cent is bioenergy. In addition, we produce 16 per cent of all of Finland's renewable energy.